Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics


The Department of Food Studies, Nutrition and Dietetics considers collaboration with society to be of great importance, both for education and research. As for Uppsala University as a whole, our strategy is that collaboration should be integrated into education and research. In addition, it should be a mutual exchange of knowledge that encourages quality improvements in both research and education. Successes in these areas should also benefit society. A significant part of the institution's collaborations take place with two professional associations; Dietisternas Riksförbund (the Swedish Association of Clinical Dietitians) and Kost & Näring (the Swedish Association of Dieticians) and their representatives. All supervisors who participate in the work placement based aspects of the Dietetics programme and Bachelor's program in food service and nutrition also play a significant role in a mutual dialogue regarding the development of quality and relevance in the courses.  In addition, all external organisations and companies that provide suggestions for thesis subjects are an important aspect of the collaboration.

Teaching staff and researchers at the department are in demand as experts and speakers in a wide range of contexts, and by a variety of different organisations and companies. These encounters often stimulate issues that generate new research issues or desires for joint projects and educational initiatives. We take a positive view of a broader and deeper collaboration with different actors in society as a whole.