20 september kl. 15:15 Öppen föreläsning


Varmt välkomna till en öppen föreläsning med Claude Fishler - "Commensality in the age of autonomy".

Claude Fischler is a French social scientist (sociology, anthropology), Senior Investigator with CNRS, the French National Science Center, and a former director of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Contemporary Anthropology in Paris. He began exploring food and eating, then a relatively new topic for the social sciences, in the 1970s and developed cross-disciplinary approaches to food cultures and their evolution, to eating behaviour, to medical and lay perceptions of the relation of food and health and to the perception of risk. After his 1990 book L’Homnivore, a synthesis of the social sciences’ perspective on food and nutrition (still in print), Fischler developed cross-cultural comparative studies on collective views of food and health in European and Western countries. Results showed considerable differences in eating patterns and attitudes, matching considerable differences in prevalences of non-communicable diseases and obesity. Fischler also touched upon the field of wellbeing and happiness, again in a cross-national comparative perspective. His current focus is on sustainable food systems, and on the anthropology of commensality (eating together). In 2015, he edited Selective Eating : The Rise, Meaning and Sense of « Personal Dietary Requirements ».