Institutionen för kostvetenskap



Moderator: Professor emeritus Christina Fjellström

9.10-9.30  Registration

9.30-9.40  Introduction. Paulina Nowicka, Elin Lövestam and Nicklas Neuman, Uppsala university

9.40-10.40  Key note speech: Introducing Critical Dietetics. John Coveney, Flinders University, Australia, and Catherine Morley, Acadia University, Canada.

10.40-11.00 Questions and discussion

11.00-11.15 Short break

11.15-12.00 Towards a Scandinavian critical dietetics. Elin Lövestam and Nicklas Neuman, Uppsala university.

12.00-12.50 Lunch

12.50-13.20 Sociocultural perspectives on childhood obesity and eating. Paulina Nowicka. Uppsala university.

13.20-13.50 Does information change our everyday eating habits? Jukka Gronow. University of Helsinki, Finland.

13.50-14.20 Supersize vs Superskinny – media representations of body weight. Karin Eli. University of Oxford, Great Britain.

14.20-14.50 Short break

14.50-15.20 Understanding eating from a psychological perspective. Ata Ghaderi. Karolinska Institutet

15.20-16.00 Panel, including all speakers: How do we move on with the establishment of critical dietetics in the Scandinavian countries? 

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